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Credit Card Processing

Our low processing rates will help your business keep on rolling without having to worry about outrageous processing fees. You can trust that even with low processing rates, we will still be providing you with superior customer service. Our friendly and dedicated staff is always available to help you and your business.

Check Acceptance

With the growing technology, your business can begin accepting checks and receiving funds instantly. Our equipment can help your business run a check like it is a credit card. Rather than waiting 2 or 3 days to see if a check is going to clear, you will know if the funds are available on the spot.

Fleet Cards

Fleet cards are used primarily at gas stations to pay for all different types of fuel. They may also be used by consumers for repairs or other costs associated with a vehicle. We can help you begin serving a wider range of consumers by providing you with the ability to accept fleet cards.

Gift Cards

Gift cards can help your business increase its revenue and even help you gain new customers. The revenue increases because customers pay for gift cards up front, acting as a small cash advance for your business.

EBT Cards

EBT is a card provided by the government for low-income individuals. Rather than sending a check to individuals each month, cash is loaded on to the card. The funds on the card is used for groceries and other necessities, so by accepting EBT your business can increase its customer base and revenue too.

Loyalty Programs

Use our custom loyalty programs to keep your current customers happy by rewarding them. Reward incentives driven from loyalty programs will also encourage new customers to try and get on board with your products and services so they too can benefit from any loyalty programs available.

Business Cash Advance

Do you need money to jump start your business or to meet payroll needs? We offer business cash advance services that can help you get the funding you desire while still allowing you to be the decision maker of your own business.

Mail & Phone Payments

You can use our service to accept credit cards without ever needing the physical card with our merchant portal. This is much more convenient for your business, especially if you are dealing with clients that are not from the same area as your business.

Online Payments

We have the right tools to help your business succeed online as well! Our secure and easy online credit card processing services will allow you to accept payments from customers online from anywhere. As always, we provide you with the same quality customer service and low rates.

Wireless Payment

Take your business with you, no matter where you are! We have plenty of lightweight options that will allow you to accept credit cards on the go. This works very similar to a terminal in-store and allows you to accept all major credit cards. You will still be receiving our low rates and excellent customer support.

Alliance Merchant Solutions is a registered ISO of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Walnut Creek, CA.

Alliance Merchant Solutions is an Elavon Payments Partner and Registered MSP/ISO of Elavon, Inc. in Georgia, a wholly-owned subsidiary of US Bancorp Minneapolis, MN.

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